ZESTREA started as a game jam project at Clujotronic Game Jam 2018. Inspired by the theme "inheritance", the game was about arranging marriages by rolling dice to see if the couples agree to get married, while the families starve due to catastrophies - floods, communism, Genghis Khan, etc.

The audience at Clujotronic loved the game, played it extensively on the final day of the jam, and Zestrea received praise for its humor and interaction mechanics. We won second place in the competition we did not know was happening, and our simultaneous reaction was "We can print more prototypes!".

Later, as we played it more, we created more depth and strategy by the addition of Fate cards, that the players can invest in during the game, to create more interaction, and use the mechanics in new ways.

We also cleaned up the cheap dirty humor from the original prototype in favor of more positive humor... A lot of the work that went into the theming of the game ended up making the game better from a gameplay perspective too.

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