We are running very very low on stock, and did not yet secure a reliable, ongoing shipping deal so shipping prices are unaccurate. If you really want to buy Zestrea with shipping, we want to say (1) we LOVE you! (2) shipping prices will be lowered as soon as we secure a good deal! 

Please note that, due to COVID, we are unable to offer you shipping in some territories, because international costs, surcharges and delays are extreme. If you REALLY want a copy but we have no shipping for you, please mail hello (at) and specifiy what you want!

*prices are in SEK (Swedish Crowns)

249 SEK equals ~ 25 EUR

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...and so are all our Boyar friends! Come join a community of awesome, friendly, warm people who tell really funny jokes, can trade Zestrea villagers with you, and (we hope) will #zestreacosplay!

Alex, Laura, Maria and Horațiu are almost always around (or at least one of us is) so don't hesitate to reach out us. 

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