Zestrea reprint

We are working on a fundraising opportunity to reprint Zestrea in English. We will offer a Print and Play version until the new games can be shipped. We estimate this campaign will be ready by the end of March 2022. You can stay up to date by following our blog, newsletter and social media on the Pronoia website. 

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Zestrea is published by Pronoia AB, a Swedish based cross media company that brings utopias to life.

The word "pronoia" means the opposite of paranoia - the belief that the Universe and everything conspires for one's good. This is the why of this company, and Zestrea fits perfectly because the game is a covert utopia. 

Pronoia AB is founded by Laura Bularca, one of the four Zestrea team members. Currently, the company is a one man show. In addition to Zestrea, Pronoia AB also publishes the fairly tale inspired comic book about burnout, The Lost Sunday, and the video game about a magical comic book library, Lost Sunday Comics.

Stay tuned for more utopias!

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