a marriage negotiation board game about ridiculous Romanian traditions, arranging weddings, and surviving Hard Times

3-6 players

45-90 mins

Age: 12+

"Provided you have some fun people at the table, this game is an absolute blast to play. The emphasis on the interactions that players must have, and the talks that these interactions provide are amazing, and they are, in my opinion, the staple on which this game was designed."

-Daniel Andercău, Facebook review

"I highly recommend this game, and my only criticism is that I want more of it. I look forward to any expansions they might release!"

- Patrik Lasota, Facebook review


Check out our 7 minutes long Zestrea Video Manual, our downloadable PDF manuals in English and Romanian, our carefully cuarted Zestrea Spotify playlist and Ali Plays A Lot wonderful Zestrea review. If you still have questions, have any sort of feedback you wish to share or just want to say hi, we are super active on our @zestrea.game Facebook page (and somewhat less active on our other social channels, but we try :D)!


Download the entire Zestrea manual in PDF format - English version. It explains all the cards and rules, with a touch of Romanian flavoured humor.


Download the entire Zestrea manual in PDF format - Romanian version. We feel there is no need to point out the humour here - if you can read this manual, surely you know what to expect <3


You can buy Zestrea in Romanian from our partners TITIA, Cărturești, Regatul Jocurilor.  Zestrea in English is currently out of stockWe want to reprint it which is why we are taking preorders using the newsletter subscription below. If you are interested in Zestrea English version, please subscribe!


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Zestrea is published by Pronoia AB, a Swedish based cross media company that brings utopias to life.

The word "pronoia" means the opposite of paranoia - the belief that the Universe and everything conspires for one's good. This is the why of this company, and Zestrea fits perfectly because the game is a covert utopia. 

Pronoia AB is founded by Laura Bularca, one of the four Zestrea team members. Currently, the company is a one man show. In addition to Zestrea, Pronoia AB also publishes the fairly tale inspired comic book about burnout, The Lost Sunday, and the video game about a magical comic book library, Lost Sunday Comics.

Stay tuned for more utopias!

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